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ADHD can become a very serious issue for young adults.

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Top Adult Attention Deficit Disorder - Adult A.D.D. Products

The following 25 remedies are all for curing or assisting in improving Adult ADHD or ADD, of which the first 9 are homeopathic remedies:

1. Medorrhinum – Used for patients who seem hurried and fidgety, and whose minds often drift. These patients, who enjoy eating ice and oranges, are usually melancholic and dwarf like in composure.
2. Tuberculinum - Is used on people with a double personality like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. These people, who are typically sick with a cold, also have chronic respiratory problems.
3. Barytra Carbonica – Medicine to assist patients with severe shyness. These patients are people who often have coughs and catch cold.
4. Cina – Is available in pill or liquid form and works well on patients who have short attention spans and are physically aggressive.
5. Stramonium – This medicine comes in liquid and pill variety. It is prepared from thorn apple leaves and works best on overly energetic patients who are fearful of everything and who suffer from post-traumatic stress.
6. Veratrum Album – Used to help those patients who like to eat salt and lemons, are more than often cold and have pale blue skin. They are also people who touch and hug inappropriately.
7. Lycopodium – To cure ADHD patients who have dyslexia and performance anxiety and are bossy with young children. These patients are afraid to be on their own.
8. Tarantula Hisp – Used on restless patients who twitch, but at the same time enjoy listening to music and gazing at bright colors.
9. Hyoscyamus Niger – Benefits people who are unable to concentrate and have manic symptoms.
10. BrightSpark – A remedy for temporary relief of impulsiveness and hyperactivity in adults.
11. Concerta - Improves overall ADHD symptoms by measuring such things in patients going through with a task, avoiding mistakes, and attention to details.
12. Adderall XR,- Helps increase the ability to pay attention and stay focused.
13. Ritalin LA – Gives a person better control of their emotions and Reduces restlessness, fidgeting and self-esteem
14. Strattera - Improves concentration, decreases hyperactivity and makes patients less impulsive
15. Focalin XR – Makes it easier to concentrate, avoid being distracted, improves listening skills
16. Vyvance – Improves attention and focus in a patient with ADHD
17. Detxroamphetamine – Increase in alertness, concentration, energy, and self-esteem,
18. Methylphenidate – Reduces fidgeting and restlessness in patients
19. Methylin – Helps patients stay focused
20. Metadate CD – Helps reduce impulsive behavior and distracted performance
21. Dextrostat - Helps increase the patient’s ability to pay attention, concentrate, and stay focused,
22. Dexedrine – Increase in energy, self-confidence and self-esteem
23. Buspirone - Is medication used for treating anxiety in ADHD cases
24. Fish Oil – Aids in concentration and focus
25. Omega 3 – Can be an aid to alleviating depression in ADHD patients.

Author: J. Hamilton, Adult ADHD Writer

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