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Age Activated Attention Deficit Disorder

Does Add Strike At A Specific Age Or Is A Child Born With The Disorder.

If add is age activated, the age would have to be 4 years old. At 4 years old, a child is expected to be able to focus in on specific tasks, like learning to repeat rhymes and other tasks that require focus of attention, like tying one's shoelaces. If a child can't focus in on age specific tasks, getting a biological test for add might be wise. To claim that add is activated by age is to imply a chemical disorder or a disorder associated with hormonal changes in certain people who are susceptible to the add disorder which is considered to be a biological disorder. If there is add in a person's family, getting a child tested for add might help in trying to prevent the expected symptoms of add in the child.

Of course, if it were biological entirely, those symptoms would occur since there is nothing one can do to prevent natural hormonal changes in a person. Without puberty a child would never become an adult. Since nature programs certain biological functions in the body, that assumption or fact depending on how you approach the problem of add would make the disorder incurable. However, there is a bright side. Some therapists think that since add is age activated by hormonal changes that age will eventually deactivate add symptoms. In the meantime, the add symptomatic child has to learn to live with his condition as to his parents, teachers, siblings, and therapists.

The current treatment of add with medication that blocks the misfiring brain chemical impulses usually leads to a future of drug dependency in add children. Some therapists who treat mental disorders holistically find different ways of dealing with add. The problem with dealing with add children is that they are made to go to regular classrooms with other children who are not add. The situation is aggravated by the add child who really is not at fault when he can't focus on task. That is the reasoning for using drugs to keep the add child sedated to let his peers learn without being distracted by his presence.

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