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Alternative Treatments For ADHD

Finding A Different Approach To Curing And Treating The ADHD Problem: Alternative Treatments For ADHD.

ADHD or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is normally treated with prescription medication and a combination of systematic behavioral therapy session. There are other options that can be explored if this type of treatment is not working or is something that you do not feel comfortable with. In the last few years there has been studies trying to link the amount of sugar ingested to the cause of ADHD. There is some evidence that shows consuming sugar raises the glucose level within the body which causes and adrenaline rush and hyperactivity. So, some of the alternative treatment focus on diet and ADHD correlation. The Feingold Diet is one of the alternative treatment plans for ADHD.

The program is called an elimination diet and is designed to treat the hyperactivity by eliminating certain types of food. Minimizing the consumption of artificial colorings, flavorings, and preservatives has been shown to reduce hyperactivity and overall the ADHD symptoms. If you choose to follow through with this type of plan, you need to consult with a nutrionist to make sure you will not have any nutritional deficiencies within your children. Another alternative treatment plan for ADHD is using the Interactive Metronome training method. This method focuses on listening to a computer that produces a rhythmic beat that the person tries to duplicate with their hand or foot.

Some experts believe the ADHD behavioral aspect is associated with an out of sync motor planning and timing deficit. So be able to focus on a rhythmic beat will over time help the individual focus and ignore distractions, and be able to monitor ones bodily actions. Chiropractic medicine is another possible solution for the treatment of ADHD. The theory on this is that there is a muscle imbalance that affects the brain function. So making spinal adjustments combined with light and sound therapy, will help correct the brain function that is causing the ADHD.

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