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Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder

About attention deficit hyperactive disorder & ADHD

Attention deficit hyperactive disorder, or ADHD, and its causes have always been an interesting topic to both parent and researchers for many years. It is important to understand that attention deficit hyperactive disorder is not exactly caused by bad parenting or environmental factors alone even though factors such as those may indeed amplify many of the ADD or ADHD symptoms.
ADHD is mainly caused by purely neurological factors in the brain along with genetics. Every day, researchers study the condition in an attempt to improve ADD treatments available in addition to trying to find a way to prevent the biological condition altogether.
Research has shown that there are potential correlations between the usage of alcohol and cigarettes during pregnancy and the child having ADHD symptoms. Another environmental factor of concern would be that of lead exposure and young children. Lead exposure in paints and plumbing has been believed to be possible causes of possible development of ADHD in some individuals.
In addition to environmental factors that may contribute to a child developing attention deficit hyperactive disorder, food allergies and food additives and preservatives also shown possible correlations with ADHD. Such foods as refined sugars or white flour and food allergies have been seen as contributors to inattentiveness and behavior.
Genetics have been shown to have an influence on individuals’ susceptibility to developing ADHD through many studies involving family members and histories of attention deficit hyperactive disorders over the years.
Again, there are many studies currently underway in order to improve treatment for ADHD and even eliminate the disorder altogether. There are many options available today which can be researched here at for your convenience through many of our selected resource listings provided throughout the site.
If you feel as though your child, or you, are struggling daily with attention deficit hyperactive disorder and would like to see what treatment options are available to you in your local area, we recommend that you speak with your physician in order to get a complete diagnosis on your condition and possible attention deficit hyperactive disorder medications that may be available to you.

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