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Attention Hyperactivity Disorder

Attention Hyperactivity Disorder Is A Condition That Afflicts A Good Percentage Of Children, Though It's Usually Not Diagnosed Until The Child Is Old Enough To Attend School.

The onset of attention hyperactivity disorder may be noticed by parents as early as the child's fourth year. Most children with this disorder are boys. The symptoms of attention hyperactivity disorder are hyperactivity, when the child can't sit still for any period of time. They're also disruptive, emotionally volatile, clumsy and impulsive. The child habitually acts before thinking, can't stay with one project for any length of time, and has poor skills at organizing. The child also suffers from a short attention span, is easily distracted, has trouble listening and finds it difficult to concentrate. A child with attention hyperactivity disorder may also have learning disabilities and difficulty remembering tasks.

The condition is often diagnosed in school, because its symptoms are clearly opposed to behaviors most teachers believe are essential for a child to learn and do well in class. Many researchers and physicians believe that attention hyperactivity disorder is worsened by food additives or food colorings. However, there are so many substances that are considered food additives that it's difficult to pinpoint which ones contribute to attention hyperactivity disorder. They're all not necessarily synthetic chemicals, but can be as natural as vegetable gums or salts. Even some food colorings are natural, like beet juice used for red dye.

Other studies have shown that the child's consumption of sucrose can also worsen attention hyperactivity disorder. A large percentage of children with the disorder suffer from abnormal glucose tolerance. Other suspected causes of attention hyperactivity disorder are food allergies. Many children suffering from the condition showed marked improvement when foods they were allergic too were removed from their diet. Their behavior not only returned to normal levels, but they also stopped suffering from other symptoms like headaches, and stomachaches. When the food these children were allergic to was reintroduced, the symptoms of attention hyperactivity disorder returned.

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