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The DaVinci Method for Adult ADHD and Adult Attention Deficit Disorder

Quality reviews by our community at Adult Attention Deficit Disorder for The DaVinci Method for adult ADHD.

The DaVinci Method for adult ADHD Garrett Lo Porto has created a new treatment therapy for adult ADHD inspired by the work of German psychoanalyst Otto Rank. Lo Porto recognizes that some of the characteristics of ADHD are similar to characteristics of creative personalities. Rank found that the best therapy for creative types was a short encounter to force them to use their own will to do what they really wanted to do. LoPorto also includes diet and exercise in his methodology and he feels exertion and competition are helpful.

The human genome project says that ADD and ADHD is genetic. There is an established connection between the gene DRDA7R and ADHD. This gene is present in between 10% and 25% of the general population. Interestingly enough, it is even more prevalent in artists, entrepreneurs and inventors. This gene affects the connection to dopamine which causes a craving for stimulation. Lo Porto's DaVinci Method for adult ADHD focuses on enhancing the unique and creative aspects of this personality and sees ADHD as a gift, not a curse. The therapy honors the gifts of this temperament rather than the difficulties that may be experienced. It does not focus on getting you to sit still and concentrate on small details, but rather teaches you to use your ability to see the big picture.

The book, The Davinci Method is available both in print and as an e-book. It is also possible to find online message boards and discussions of this process. This method differs from all the others in that it does not try to get you to become more like ordinary people. Instead, it helps you focus your need for stimulation and risk taking into the creative activities that suit you. Many talented, successful and famous people are thought to have characteristics of ADHD. They managed to positively channel their energy and live better than ordinary lives.

Author: Matthew Cardinallo, Adult ADD Reviews and Services

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