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Does ADHD Really Exist?

Does ADHD Really Exist? ADHD Does Exist Because There Is A Noticeable Difference Between Children ADHD And Childen Without ADHD.

CADHD does exist as there are noticeable differences between a child with ADHD and a child without ADHD. Children don't usually get diagnosed with ADHD until kindergarten but sometimes it earlier and sometimes its later. Children with ADHD have trouble focusing, have trouble sitting still, and may be extremely hyper. ADHD exists because a child wlth ADHD has trouble focusing. If the child is in class, the child may focus on what's going on outside by looking rather than focus on what the teacher is writing on the board. A child may be focusing something on around him/her rather than the person talking to the child.

When sitting, a child with ADHD will have jerky moments. The child may stand in class before he/she raises his/her hand. The child may stand up from the table before their parents excuse them from the table. Sitting still behind a desk or at a table is hard for a child with ADHD because children with ADHD don't like sitting still. These children are easily distracted byveverythong going on around them. A child with ADHD has a lot of off-the-wall hyper moments. Although a lot of children have hyper moments, children with ADHD much more hyper moments than children without ADHD. A child with ADHD may bodysuffer off the sofa instead of calmly climbing off the sofa.

A child with ADHD may break out into a hyper dance when bored. A child with ADHD has to touch everything and doesn't think about the consequences of what will happen for touching it. For example, a child with ADHD will touch a stack of cans at the store and the entire display will fall. In conclusion, ADHD exists. Its hard to diagnosis children under the age of five with ADHD because ADHD symptoms closer mirror that of typical younger child behavior. Three classic symptoms of ADHD are: trouble focusing, trouble sitting still, and alit of hyper moments.

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