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Hyperactive Disorder Symptoms

What Are The Most Common Hyperactive Disorder Symptoms To Be Aware Of In Young Children?

Some hyperactive disorder symptoms to be aware of in young children include: not paying attention and often making mistakes in schoolwork and other activities such as playing games or sports, does not seem to listen when spoken to, fails to finish such things as homework, or chores around the home, has difficulty organizing things such as activities or tasks, avoids tasks that require sustained mental stimulation, very often loses things that are necessary for homework or other things, is easily distracted, has difficulty playing quietly, talks excessively, blurts out answers to questions before the questions are finished, often interrupts people, and finds it very difficult to wait his or her turn.

These hyperactive disorder symptoms occur two to four times more often in boys than in girls. Some studies have shown that approximately 40%-50% of these hyperactive disorder symptoms will last into adulthood. Hyperactivity symptoms are quite obvious by the time a child is five years old and generally peak around the age of seven or eight. As a child matures they usually outgrow these behaviors by the time they are teenagers. Inattention symptoms usually start around the age of eight and very often last a lifetime. Some hyperactive disorder symptoms such as Impulsive behaviors generally peak around the age of eight years old and they too can last a lifetime.

Impulsive teenagers are more likely to engage in the use of drugs and early sexual activity as well as other high-risk behaviors such as drinking alcohol and gambling. Parents of children with hyperactive disorder symptoms can help their children by trying to maintain a daily schedule, setting goals that are reasonable and small, giving rewards and praise for good behavior, and trying to keep distractions to a minimum. Behavior therapy can be very helpful with children who have hyperactive disorder symptoms, and are often used in conjunction with medications.

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