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Hyperactive Disorders

Hyperactive Disorders Are Common Among School Aged Children But Most Outgrow It By High School.

Do you have a child that is full of the wiggles? They can't sit still for any length of time and it seems like their mind is going a mile a minute. One minute they are coloring and the next they are running out the back door. Sometimes you are concerned for their safety because they do not seem to be able to differentiate between cause and effect. They will often dart out in the street without looking because they are playing and never stop to think about cars and the possibility of an accident. Usually they are very happy and likeable children, but when it comes to wiggling they are by far the wiggliest kids on the block.

It only takes a few days in school before the teacher sends a note and asks if you have ever considered the possibility of your child having hyperactive disorder. Even though the thought has crossed your mind, it can be hard to see it on paper. It is very easy to diagnose and a trip to the family doctor will help to determine if there is some type of problem going on. Since it is fairly common, most primary care physicians are glad to administer a list of simple questions to check for ADHD. If everyone agrees that the child might have some type of ADHD then the next step is to find a way to help.

Many people use a combination of diet, structure and some type of medication. It will up to the family and the physician to decide what is the best course of action. Hyperactive disorders are easy to treat and can make a huge difference in the life of the child. There is no need to be worried or scared if your child receives this diagnoses because it is easy to treat. Most children grow out of the wiggles by the time they are teenagers, but it is important not to ignore the problem while they are young. Help your child get the help he needs, you won't be sorry you did.

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