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Is ADHD A Disease?

Is ADHD A Disease? New Medical Research Proves That It Might Be.

New evidence shows that ADHD is not what it was originally thought to be. So many parents ask the question when their child is diagnosed, "is ADHD a disease? " New research shows that ADHD may be a simple chemical imbalance. A chemical imbalance should be easily treated, right. However, this is not always the case. This chemical imbalance is not one that is easily treated. It is a decrease in the amount of natural dopamine, the chemical that triggers satisfaction in the brain. This causes children and adults with this disorder to constantly be searching for something that raises these dopamine levels to give them a sense of satisfaction.

It is shown in current studies that ADHD does run in families and can be controlled at a limited level by diet. Simply removing sugary, processed, and foods high in carbs could help control the impulses that people with ADHD may have. However, it may decrease the attention span once the foods have been removed. There are other studies that show that maternal habits may cause children to exhibit signs of ADHD. ADHD does not always affect a child alone. Typically there is an underlying factor that has lead to the development of ADHD, which is also affected by maternal habits while the child is in utero.

Maternal diet plays a major role in deciding the genetic make up and predisposition of a child. Eating processed foods, high sugar foods, and eating too much may cause the child to be adept to higher dopamine levels in the body. This could cause them to feel a lack of dopamine even when they are experiencing normal levels. Causing them to search for the feeling of satisfaction from higher levels. There is no cure for ADHD but with medical intervention, the problems that are associated with ADHD can be managed.

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