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The Advanced Metabolic Research Group produces Lucidal, the cognitive performance enhancer often used for adult ADHD and more. They are under the leadership of Dr. Larry McCleary and Drs. Michael and Mary Dan Eades. They produce health products based on research and independent clinical trials. Lucidal is a supplement to control feelings of sadness, anxiety, irritablity and mental fatigue. Lucidal is not a drug, but has fifty natural and organic ingredients that cause no side effects.

The adult ADHD consumer in many cases wants a product such as Lucidal to improve their memory while dealing with adult ADHD. According to the study performed, it improves the ability to recall information and speeds up cognitive reaction time. It also improves mental energy and the ability to concentrate. In addition to those benefits, the tests showed that Lucidal reduced depression and anxiety.

Consumers have stated that when forgetting Lucidal on a month-long trip, they have noticed the difference within a week. By not taking it, the hesitation in forgetting a word would come back. Also, it was used on an 87-year old father who enjoyed Christmas by remembering his whole family and knowing everything that was going on. His blood pressure was also down, due to being on the Lucidal. Consumers are noticing that it hellps in other health problems.

The Group also produces Pentabosol which is a weight-loss product. It is found to be the only weight-loss product that works over diet and exercise alone.

There are other supplements made to enhance the memory. Advance Physician Formulas makes the Mind-Power-RX supplement to also enhance memory, and concentration using herbs and vitamins. Also, FOCUSfactor is another product to maintain memory. The main ingredients in this are beta-carotene, DMAE, DHA, an omega-3 fatty acid.

Lucidal has been tested by The Advanced Metabolic Research Group. Their ads introduce the consumer to the doctors who have created the product. Lucidal has more background and research behind it.

Author: S. West, Adult ADHD Product Reviews

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