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Symptoms Of Attention Deficit Disorder

Common Symptoms Of Attention Deficit Disorder- The Difference Of Symptoms In Three Stages Of ADD.

As early as infancy stage, health experts would say that the symptoms of attention deficit disorder may already be observed. To some, they would say that the signs are visible only when the child turns 7 years old. There will be proper diagnosis that the child will undergo when his or her parents bring their child to the doctor. But the mere though that the parents brought their child to the health expert, they already know by themselves that something is wrong to their kid. Below are the lists of common symptoms for ADD. The inattentive type is the first stage of attention deficit disorder. There are two other categories left that doctors may tell. The first type includes symptoms of attention deficit disorder such as the child has the difficulty to organize activities and tasks. Aside from that, the symptom of forgetting things easily is also common not only for the child but even for the adult with attention deficit disorder.

The kid appears to also daydream in most of the time and his mind seem to wander when spoken. Since they have difficulty to focus on present things, it naturally affects to their studies and social aspect as a kid. They find it difficult at the same time to follow the instructions given to them. It takes a lot of mental effort for them to follow instructions. Then, the next symptoms of attention deficit disorder belong for the second type of ADD which is the hyperactive-impulsive type. Children who have this type of disorder frequently squirm or fidget over something. They also find it hard to control their emotions and they seem always busy so they may climb, crawl, or walk in an inappropriate setting.

Because of this, they find it hard to remain seated for long period of time and they tend to talk excessively. If there is group discussion, the kid interrupts others. The combination of both symptoms of attention deficit disorder written above is the third type of ADD. There were various studies that supported the symptoms differ for both the girls and boys. Even until now though it is unknown how many individuals are afflicted with this disorder though the percentage reach between 3 to 5 percent of the population has it. The professional psychiatrists or physician are the ones who diagnosed the person with attention deficit disorder. They may either suggest for treatment program session or medications to treat the disorder.

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