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What ADHD In Adults Really Is

Adult ADHD Is ADHD In A Grown Up Person Who Is Psychologically Disturbed Often Incurable.

Adult ADHD is a very troubling disorder. An adult who shows the same symptoms as a child with ADHD is very difficult to treat. The adult ADHD will have the same hyperactivity disorder as a child. However, the fact that he is now an adult compounds the problem of dealing with the hyperactivity. An adult ADHD has a brain dysfunction. The disorder is obvious to a trained mental health practioner. To anyone else, the adult ADHD might appear anti social, disturbing, and inciting. An adult who finds himself repeating behaviors that are not conducive to his physical or mental well being is an adult ADHD. That adult will not be able to actually see that his behaviors are not helping him and will resent being told not to do what he does.

That resentment will be obvious in his behaviors and in his language. An adult ADHD is generally very bright intellectually but can never really succeed. A child ADHD can be corrected with treatment. An adult ADHD can be medicated. Many adult ADHD's who are not on medication will try to handle their mental disturbance on their own which often leads them into trouble with the law. The bizarre behaviors of an adult ADHD cause him severe anguish. The victim of the disorder really can't figure out why his walking the streets for hours might not be healthy for him. An adult ADHD doesn't really understand that smashing a mirror is a very anti social behavior.

In the adult ADHD's mind, he might even rationalize that smashing a mirror is his way of proving to everyone that the social stigmas associated with smashing a mirror are retarded. An adult ADHD has his own way of mentally interpreting socially acceptable behaviors and sometimes feels superior to those expected behaviors. The adult ADHD is not hampered by a lack of intellect to slow down his hyperactivity which is caused by severe apprehension. Even when treated, an adult ADHD will not allow himself to deal with his apprehension for fear of discovering the source of that apprehension.

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